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348 South 5th Street #220, Highlands, NC  28741

Health.  Wellness.  Longevity.  Energy.  Vitality.  Enthusiasm.  Protection.  Relief.

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Acupuncture pulse diagnosis
Diagnosis by palpation
Acupressure treatment
Japanese acupuncture needles
Healing touch
Direct moxibustion
Warm needle
Cupping therapy
Mediterranean diet. Healthy balanced food
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Chinese medicinal herbs
Longevity and Wellness
Medical Qigong exercises
Tai Ch'i
Calm your mind
Witch Hazel blooms in winter, and so can you
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Our Patients’ Experiences

I suffered with motion sickness my entire life, and debilitating vertigo for ten years.  Since my first session with Kim I never had another episode of vertigo, and I only have to take Dramamine when I fly.

Marsha Lessard

I am a cancer survivor.  For the past 12 years, Kim's weekly acupuncture treatments have kept my immune system strong, given me energy and overall good health.  Kim is knowledgeable, caring, & really listens.  It's the best investment I make for my health and happiness.

Joan Ussery

My husband and I were given less than 2% chance of conceiving naturally.  But weekly acupuncture normalized my hormone levels in 3-4 months!  Now I am 18 weeks pregnant.  Kim's expertise and professionalism are top notch.  I think of him as family.  Would highly recommend!

Becky Ramey

Acupuncture Highlands

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